Archer’s Voice suddenly rose to the top after being released in 2016 for the first time, thanks to Bookstagram and BookTok. The sudden popularity makes Mia Sheridan back to the top. All of her books also got the recognition that they deserve.

Many book reviewers and media said that Archer’s Voice was one of the best romance novels ever written. I couldn’t agree more because Archer’s Voice has its uniqueness through its characteristics. That’s why people talk about it all the time because Archer Hale is … lovely in his way.

Archer Hale is solid proof that someone can shine in his/her imperfection. Archer Hale’s story is proof that love will be there even though from someone broken and imperfect.

Maybe I’m late to the party but Archer Hale is definitely one of the best book boyfriends of all time. I cried through the book. There’s a gloomy vibe from the very first page until the last page that makes me want to hug Archer and said, ‘you’re doing good. Everything’s gonna be okay. You deserve all the love in the world.’

Other than the characterization, the way Mia Sheridan wrote this book also caught my attention. She wrote it beautifully, with straight-to-the-point sentences but also sweet and warm your heart. It’s simple but quotable. Those two things make her novels easy to read.

I was very ecstatic when Mia Sheridan answered my DM and willing to be interviewed. There are so many things I want to ask because I want to know what was inside her mind while she wrote her novels. Let’s take a look at Mia Sheridan’s creative process.

: Mia Sheridan: Archer’s Voice and Traumatic Event That Leads to Unforgettable Love Stories

Writing as the way to cope with trauma

The thing is, Mia never has any intention to be a writer. She said that she wrote because she had to do something to cope with her trauma.

“My start as an author began on a sad note. We lost our baby girl in 2012, and I started a blog about the grief journey. Friends and family kept telling me to write a book, but I wasn’t ready to write on that topic. I was, however, reading lots of romance novels—stories filled with love and hope—and so I decided to try my hand at that. It was therapeutic for me, and I enjoyed the process, but I never ever expected to make it a career!” she said.

Because of that, Mia published her first book named Leo in 2012. She self-published Leo as a part of The Sign of Love series, a novel that highlighted the element of the zodiac.

“I wrote Leo in a couple of months, had a few friends edit it for me, and then I self-published it on Amazon. I got lucky in that a few big romance bloggers read it and gave it some great exposure. It was a whirlwind from there!” she said.

Yup, Mia started her career as an independent writer. She self-published her works. Some of her books be republished through major publishing.

Being an independent writer was full of hard work and very challenging. “The hardest part about being a self-published author is that you have to wear ALL the hats. There is no one there to hire an editor for you or figure out a marketing plan or the hundreds of other things that go into publishing a book. So it can be daunting and lonely. But on a positive note, no one has any expectations of you either,” she said.

Mia Sheridan’s creative process

Until now, Mia has already written 50 books. What a big number! Well, are you curious about how she comes up with the idea and her writing process? Because, well, I do!

You know that your books are loved from all over the world. Have you imagined that people from another country, very far away from you, will read your book?

No! When I first began, I never DREAMED that my books would be read in places like Indonesia! And it STILL blows my mind. But having met readers from all over this world is the absolute BEST part of this entire journey.

You’ve written more than 50 books. How do you get the idea to write? Do you have some secrets to gathering the ideas?

I actually only have about half that right now, but I still never imagined I’d even write one book, so it FEELS like 50! Haha. I get my inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes an idea just comes to me, and other times I have to search for inspiration in a song, or a poem, or a snippet from a news story. I’ll take it from wherever I can find it!

Could you share about your writing method? Are you outline-kind-of-author or anything else?

I do outline, but it’s pretty vague. Mostly just bullet points that lay out the main “happenings” of the story. I allow my characters to guide me from point to point.

What is the hardest book to write (so far) and why?

It was maybe Becoming Calder and Finding Eden because I had to build an entire world. It was also the first sort of “dark” book I wrote so I had to muster a lot of emotion to lay it out there.

If you could pick one book as the book of your life (the book you write), what is that? Why?

Probably Archer’s Voice. Even writing that book had a sort of dreamy feel, and it still does for me.

The World of Archer’s Voice

Mia is knowns for her romantic and heart-warming stories. Even though the characters have through so much pain, in the end, there’ll always be hope. In the end, love always wins.

But … do you know that Mia didn’t consider herself a romantic person? “I’d say yes and no. I’m more into small gestures than big, grand ones. I much prefer when he brings me a coffee out of the blue than receiving cards and flowers,” she said.

Well, the thing is, Mia never failed when it comes to the romantic and beautiful love story. I always find hope in every part of her stories. One of them was … yes you heard me. ARCHER’S VOICE. Gosh, I thought that I will never get enough when it comes to Archer Hale.

So … let’s talk more about Archer Hale, The Silent Boy!

What is the secret to writing a romantic scene in your book? I remember when I read Archer’s Voice and it makes my heart flutter. (Disclaimer, I love Archer to the moon and back and back and back)

I love writing romantic scenes so those are the carrots that keep me trudging forward! Most often, those are the scenes that have been playing in my head even when I’m not writing so they flow very easily once I’m at my computer.

Speaking of Archer, this book is suddenly popular again because people talk about it on Instagram and Tiktok. What do you feel about the sudden rise?

It’s crazy and so unexpected! But amazing! I never in a million years thought I’d be receiving so much Archer love after so many years. I feel so much gratitude for all my readers, new and old.

Could you share the process behind the book? How do you get the idea? What is the hardest process while writing those book?

When I wrote Archer’s Voice, I was really craving a hero in the genre who was “different” than the handful of romance novels I’d recently read. I decided to create a hero with a disability, and Archer’s character began to develop in my mind.

What I love about your book is the way you write the love story. It’s so beautiful and heart-warming. Could you share how you write the love scene?

Thank you! As I said, I usually have the love scenes in my head when I begin the book, so those are probably the easiest for me. I try my best to write love scenes that don’t feel like “filler,” but rather advance the relationship of the characters in some important way.

You have a lot of male characters. If you could pick one, who is the most lovable one from Mia’s side? Why?

I have to go with 3: Archer, Calder (Becoming Calder), and Gabriel (Most of All You).

Besides the male character, you also make a badass female character in her way. I love your female characters (especially Bree). What do you want to share with your readers through your female characters?

Thank you! The main message I try to convey through my female characters is that no matter what situation you find yourself in, and regardless of life’s present circumstances, there is every reason for hope. Everyone, no matter what, deserves to be loved in a way that helps you blossom into your truest self. And every woman has that power within her to be the same for someone else.

Some of your books are tearjerkers. What do you think about it?

I’ve heard that, but I honestly don’t try to elicit tears from my readers! 😀 Emotion, yes! Tears, no. However, that might just be because I never cry while writing my books. Probably because I already know how it ends though! In any case, I am incredibly humbled that a reader would offer their heart in that way to my characters.

Your books are about love. So in general, what is love for Mia Sheridan?

Love is when you feel like you are finally 100% YOURSELF. Love is not another person “completing” you, but rather, complementing who you are. True love allows you to be your most authentic self, to shine in the way you were meant to so that you might brighten the world, and to feel secure and cherished in another’s eyes.

Most writers are also avid readers. Do you like to read? What kind of genre or books that you love?

Absolutely! I’ve been a big reader all my life! I don’t read a lot of romance anymore just because it’s difficult to write in my own genre while I’m writing! But I’ve ALWAYS loved Stephen King and the thriller/horror genre, believe it or not! I also love the classics and try to throw one or two in a year out of the ones I haven’t read yet.

Do you have a plan to reprint your old books? Because it’s kinda hard to get it.

That’s up to the publisher. 🙁 But I hope so!!

Last question, what’s next from Mia Sheridan? Do you have something to release or maybe are in the middle of writing something?

I actually have a couple of books coming out early next year, one of which is through a publisher so I can’t talk about it just yet. The other one will be self-published but I’m still in the midst of writing it so I’ll have more information soon. Sorry to be a tease!

PS: Through her Instagram account, Mia already shared about her upcoming book, Bad Mother, which will be released on March 28, 2023, with Montlake. Can hardly wait!

Do you have something to say to your Indonesian fans?

I love you all and appreciate you to the edges of my heart!! It is a dream to someday visit your beautiful country! Thank you for reading, and all the love.

Mia Sheridan’s Favorite Books