Have you ever read NS Perkins books? If not, let me tell you this: please prepare the tissue because her book will make you cry your heart out.

I know her because of The Infinity Between Us. Back then, I just scrolled around my Instagram Feed in search of new book recommendations. It was around 2022. Some of the bookstagrammer that I follow talk about The Infinity Between Us.

It’s not easy to get her book if you live so far away from her. Well, as an Indonesian, it’s kinda hard for me to buy an imported book because 1) the price is high, and 2) delivery took months.

So, yeah, I need to wait for more than three months until I can read The Infinity Between Us. I fell in love with the first book. The formula is not something new–friends to lovers to strangers. Ms. Perkins also took a dual timeline. We can find the same formula in another book but I still enjoy it.

The thing that I always remember is, her book makes me cry my heart out. Ms. Perkins can touch the deepest thing in your heart with her story. Her description is spot on. Her characters are lovable. You either fall in love or fall deeply in love with her characters.

So, I’ve got an opportunity to talk with the author herself. Of course, through email because we live so far away. I reach out to her through DM after I read The Infinity Between Us, but it took months for me to write this article.

Spoiler: I just finished A Risk on Forever, I can still feel my heart ache for Addie, Matt, Helen, and Louis too.

Let’s get to know NS Perkins, the author behind A Risk on Forever and The Infinity Between Us.

NS Perkins, A Medical Students Who Loves Romance Novel

RR: Could you share about your journey as a writer? When was the first time you write your book?

NP: I wrote for the first time in 2020 when med school became online and I got more time to work on personal stuff. I decided to try writing a book, only for myself at first, but then I had fun and thought this might be enjoyed by people, so I decided to continue and publish a book.

RR: You have a strong debut as a novelist with A Risk on Forever. Have you ever imagined that your debut novel will be loved by readers?

NP: Thank you so much! And no, I NEVER would have guessed people would love it this much. I thought if 100 people read my book and only one person liked it, then it would’ve been worth it. And now here we are:)

RR: Your first book was quite successful. Have you ever felt burdened by that fact and is it affect your next book?

NP: Not at all! Quite the opposite, it’s encouraging me to keep writing and working on my craft!

RR: You wrote a tear-jerkers book (yes, I cried while reading). Was it intentional?

NP: Yes hahaha! I love books that can make me cry and I knew that if I was to ever publish a book, the goal would be to make people cry.

RR: On your profile, you said that you are a medical student. How do you juggle your time between school and writing? Being a medical student is hard, right?

NP: I don’t do much other than studying, reading, and writing lol! Yes, it is hard, but it’s possible when it is your passion. I would say I am good at managing my time.

RR: Could you share about your writing method? Are you an outline-kind-of-author or anything else?

NP: I’m half-and-half, so I do outline some things like character traits and big plot points, but I also have a lot of « figuring it out as I write » moments.

RR: Do you have a specific time to write? Why?

NP: Mostly during the evening because it is the only time available I have!

RR: What is the hardest book to write (so far) and why?

NP: The one I am writing right now lol! But from the ones I have published, I would say The Infinity Between Us because I had to make both timelines as interesting and also to have them both match in some way.

RR: As a medical student, do you have a plan to write about medical drama romance?)

NP: Yes!!!

RR: You stated on your profile that you like to read fantasy. Is there any chance you write fantasy?

NP: Not in the near future because I don’t have enough inspiration to write a great world-building, but never say never!

RR: You write romance novels. Are you the romantic girl in real life?

NP: Absolutely! I always have been, and I’ve been with the same partner since I was 16!

RR: Most writers are also avid readers. Do you like to read? What kind of genre or books that you love?

NP: Absolutely! I read about 100 novels each year, mostly romance, with some fantasy and some mystery.

RR: Could you share your favorite books? Why?

Let’s Go Deeper to Behind-the Scene Story

RR: How did you come up with the idea to write A Risk on Forever?

NP: I wanted to write a tear-jerker like Me Before You or The Fault in Our Stars but with a happy ending! I loved the idea of a caregiver story, and I worked around that!

RR: Could you also share the behind-the-scene story about The Infinity Between Us? How do you get the idea?

NP: I love stories where the setting almost feels like a character in the story, and one of my favorite examples of that is The Summer I Turned Pretty. I love summer settings, so I wanted to write a story set in a beach house, but with adult themes and language (and no love triangle!)

RR: Well, we don’t have summer holidays in my country (it’s summer all year long haha). Tell me about your summer holiday. Is that inspired you to write?

NP: I love going to Maine during summer to enjoy the beach and a different setting, so that is why I set the story there. However, I’m too old to get summer holidays nowadays since I have to work haha!

RR: I read another book with the same formula as The Infinity Between Us. Now and then story, unfinished business from the past and then reconnecting again in the present, also with summer holiday as a background. How do you make your book different from others?

NP: To be honest, I had never read an adult book like that before! I read Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren only after I had drafted The Infinity Between Us, and Every Summer After only came out a few weeks before my book, so I couldn’t have taken my inspiration from those even if I wanted to. I don’t know if we can consider my book original, but what is sure is that it didn’t come by being inspired by others, so the different elements are only luck I guess!

RR: How long does it take to write each of your books? Could you share the process behind it?

NP: It takes about 2 months to write one draft, then I take about 3-4 months to go over it multiple times and go through around 4 new drafts, with feedback from alpha and beta readers throughout rounds. Then, I send my final draft to my editor so she can make line edits, and then I have it proofread, and that’s it! But all writers have a different timeline and process. I also do this in my free time after school/work, so I have limited time every day to work on books.

RR: Correct me if I’m wrong. You self-published your book? Why do you decide to self-published it?

NP: I wanted to self-publish so I wouldn’t have limits on what kind of themes or elements I could or could not include in my books. I wanted full control of my content.

Let’s Talk About The Characters

RR: I love Adelaide and Violet. You write strong female characters. What do you want to share with your readers through your female characters?

NP: What a great question! I want my readers to see how it’s okay to be strong and still be vulnerable, and also that they can be imperfect! We are always harder on female characters compared to male characters, so I want to write characters that are flawed and that make mistakes because that is okay, and being perfect is boring!

RR: What’s the inspiration behind Adelaide and Matthias’ characters?

NP: I honestly don’t know! I wanted a grumpy-sunshine dynamic and worked around that to create the two of them.

RR: Also, what about Violet and Will? It was a nice idea to put two families together 🙂

NP: Again, I worked with the ideas of plot/tropes I had and created the characters based on those! I often don’t know who exactly my characters are until I start writing them, and they come to life on their own!

RR: What is the secret to writing a fun and engaging conversation between your characters? I love their relationship.

NP: I really don’t know! I write like I would speak with friends or family, so it’s something I don’t really think about, it comes kind of naturally to me.

RR: What is the most challenging part while you write A Risk on Forever and The Infinity Between Us?

NP: Making sure that the story is a slow burn but that it is not boring and it is keeping everyone’s interest.

RR: If you can choose from all of your male characters, who do you want to date in real life? Why?

NP: Probably Will because he is the most caring person who would do anything to make his girl happy! He reminds me the most of my actual boyfriend.

RR: Do you have something to say to your Indonesian fans? (They are a lot of your readers here even though we have to wait around 4-6 weeks–sometimes more–to order your book :))

NP: I LOVE YOU GUYS THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING ME!!!! And I hope I’ll be able to visit Indonesia one day🤩

RR: Last question, what’s next from NS Perkins? Do you have something to release or maybe in the middle of writing something?

NP: Always writing something!! But I have some books already written, so you should get something from me at the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023!! Xoxo
Now, NS Perkins new book, Our Final Love Song, has already been published. Go get your copy (mine is still on the way).