Have you ever read NS Perkins books? If not, let me tell you this: please prepare the tissue because her book will make you cry your heart out.

I know her because of The Infinity Between Us. Back then, I just scrolled around my Instagram Feed in search of new book recommendations. It was around 2022. Some of the bookstagrammer that I follow talk about The Infinity Between Us.

It’s not easy to get her book if you live so far away from her. Well, as an Indonesian, it’s kinda hard for me to buy an imported book because 1) the price is high, and 2) delivery took months.

So, yeah, I need to wait for more than three months until I can read The Infinity Between Us. I fell in love with the first book. The formula is not something new–friends to lovers to strangers. Ms. Perkins also took a dual timeline. We can find the same formula in another book but I still enjoy it.

The thing that I always remember is, her book makes me cry my heart out. Ms. Perkins can touch the deepest thing in your heart with her story. Her description is spot on. Her characters are lovable. You either fall in love or fall deeply in love with her characters.

So, I’ve got an opportunity to talk with the author herself. Of course, through email because we live so far away. I reach out to her through DM after I read The Infinity Between Us, but it took months for me to write this article.

Spoiler: I just finished A Risk on Forever, I can still feel my heart ache for Addie, Matt, Helen, and Louis too.

Let’s get to know NS Perkins, the author behind A Risk on Forever and The Infinity Between Us.

NS Perkins, A Medical Students Who Loves Romance Novel

RR: Could you share about your journey as a writer? When was the first time you write your book?

NP: I wrote for the first time in 2020 when med school became online and I got more time to work on personal stuff. I decided to try writing a book, only for myself at first, but then I had fun and thought this might be enjoyed by people, so I decided to continue and publish a book.

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